Introducing… Regulate. Your emotional regulation bestie designed turn down the inner critic and turn up your soul's brilliance, bliss and intuition (quickly). 

(Did I just hear you exhale?)

What if you knew how to neutralize the pain when it shows up and even dramatically decrease the frequency and potency?

of the inner shit causing emotional pain so you could stay on the edge of growth; creating your dream life in a way that actually feels...dreamy from start to finish. Regulate will travel in your pocket with you day and night to support you neutralizing the inner shit like a boss.


This program isn't "conceptual" where you'll sit down, take notes and learn something to then later begin to apply.

With each episode, we'll begin installing new information at an unconscious level to help either clear old fear, belief systems, patterns or frustrating emotions that prevent you from experiencing life the way you really want. The results transformation begins immediately.

-- LIFETIME UPDATES: This program is a living breathing work that will continue to grow for a very long time. You'll get access to everything as it's created and added to the program for life.

The program is delivered via a private podcast feed for easy consumption. Because if this there is a zero refund policy.


✓ Clearing the belief "I'm not good enough"

✓ Clearing procrastination and causing feelings of motivation to take action on what you want

✓ Clearing the discomfort around other people's judgments of you

✓ Clearing regret, guilt or resentment assiocated with events that "Shouldn't be happening" or "Have happened"(Part 1)

✓ Clearing regret, guilt or resentment with events that "Shouldn't be happening" or "Have happened"(Part 2)

✓ Clearing old money beleifs and installing new (or ANY undesirable beliefs)

✓ Amplifying more feelings of bliss 

✓ Creating boundaries that feel good

✓ I don't know what to do next and creating feelings of clarity

✓ How to neutralize intrusive thoughts and decrease sensations of anxeity

✓ Weight Loss through the RRT Lens

BONUS: Our beautiful collection of "Unlock Screens" to use as a screen saver to continue to amplify teachings and results!

The information presented in this audio program is not intended to diagnose mental health problems or to take the place of the professional medical care provided by a licensed clinical professional therapist. See this list here:

Love it or Leave it Policy

We want you to be satisfied with your purchase but we also want you to give your best effort to apply all of the strategies in the Course. We offer a 72-hour Love it or Leave it refund period for purchases of Courses. To activate a return send notes from the content you consumed and a description of why this program isn't working for you to

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